Global professional services firm KPMG has 85 Partners in Ireland and more than 2,500 people based in offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway. The firm provides Audit, Tax and Advisory services and through the KPMG Business School, they invest substantial resources in the professional and personal development of their people to help them feel challenged and inspired.
The vision for learning at KPMG is that their people will receive the development they need, when they need it, how they want it – “just in time, just enough”. In addition to their award-winning classroom based training, the KPMG Business School offers a range of technology based learning options such as our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom courses.


The Business School team is responsible for planning and delivering a complex and extensive range of technical and non-technical development solutions working with internal and external partners and a multitude of delivery methods. A “Partnership” approach is therefore a critical skill for any external provider working with the Business School’s team.
hpc’s relationship with the Business School in Ireland started in 2007 when we designed and delivered a bespoke Business Development Skills workshop for Managers.
This relationship has evolved to the point that we provide a range of workshops to support a large portion of the Business School’s non-technical core curriculum from trainee to partner. The workshops we provide include Personal Effectiveness and Business Writing Skills for trainees, High Performance Conversations for People Managers and Advanced Consultative Selling Skills for Directors. We design additional programmes to support learning from the internally-run Director Development Centre. Finally, from time-to-time we design and deliver one off workshops for specific teams and business units.


Design and Delivery

A key challenge in designing a Core Curriculum in Behavioural Skills programme is the potential for content overlap which can lead to a perception of repetition by participants. As part of our design process, we reviewed the content across all our KPMG programmes to eliminate the I've-covered-this-on-another-course feeling.

The “Individual Capability” workshops we deliver are aligned to the firm’s Career Framework and all programmes are branded KPMG Business School. In many programmes, we have adapted our terminology and models to fit KPMG’s own frameworks for Business Development and Performance Management.

Some programmes are designed to integrate with the Graduate Trainee Programme and require class sizes of 30+. Whereas in other programmes group size is limited to 6 and participants can practice new skills with corporate role players and review video feedback.  Some elements of these workshops include mentoring by KPMG partners.
As part of this service, we review and adjust the programme’s content continually, to reflect KPMG Business School initiatives and the changing market context.


Today we deliver more than 10 half-day and one-day programmes for the KPMG Business School. Immediate feedback scores are consistently in excess of 90% with participants referring to the practicality and immediate applicability of our workshops.

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