We work with hpc (formerly Mast) because they consistently produce high quality development programmes that deliver results. hpc is dedicated to driving behavioural change and the way in which they work with us to achieve this is unparalleled. Their programmes are delivered by highly experienced facilitators with real world experience. The skills our people have learnt have had a positive effect on performance and colleagues are now demonstrating more confidence. Feedback from our front-line managers on an hpc programme designed for this group, has been uniformly positive, and stands out as an example of a best-in-class learning/development intervention. I have no doubt that working with hpc has been good for our business.

Donal Prior, HR Director, Diageo

We chose hpc (formerly Mast) as one of our training partners because we were impressed with their thorough approach to diagnosing our needs and developing tailored solutions. We have not been disappointed. The implementation of their training and development programmes has been exceptional. hpc takes the time to find out what is really needed. They keep you constantly informed throughout the delivery of a programme and their follow-up with Learning & Development (L&D) and the participants is excellent. They are organised, professional and easy to work with when planning and delivering multiple events. It has been a true partnership experience and I have no hesitation in recommending hpc.

Elaine McGleenan, Director of Learning and Organisational Development, KPMG

hpc (formerly Mast) are highly professional, providing exactly what we need in terms of programme content to really make a difference. hpc has demonstrated they deliver effective training, bringing robust and immediate results. They work with us in the 'now', developing programmes to meet our specific needs for business, today. No matter whom the audience, hpc's partnership approach has provided high quality with impact. We have had a very long-standing relationship with hpc and look forward to continue working with them.

Gerry Mallon, CEO (former), Danske Bank

What participants in our programmes said

From our July Workshops

"Great pace, content and interaction. Course should be made available to executive level."

"Really brilliant course. Think if I can take even a fraction of what you taught us on board it will make a huge difference in my day to day work life. "

"Course was enjoyable and informative. Definitely learned many great techniques and strategies that will help me in my role. "

"Felt both facilitator and course content were very good and covered relevant topics. "

"All very good and engaging. Everything was helpful, particularly the practical sessions. "

"Course was well structured. Content was strong. Facilitator was excellent. "

"Extremely useful, offering insight, learning and areas of focus for consideration/improvement both at personal level and when interacting with others. "

"Challenging, sometimes uncomfortable - but hugely important and beneficial. "

"Facilitators and actors were excellent. Enjoyed the course. "

"Group sessions worked well - open and honest. "

"Very engaging approach taken by facilitator. Lots of group work, getting up and moving. Great facilitator - so energetic, knowledgeable and professional. "

From our June Workshops

"Worthwhile course and all management staff should attend. "

"Excellent facilitator and speed of course for day - covering a large area. "

"I really enjoyed today. I thought the pace, content, collaboration and interaction was excellent. "

"Great facilitator and interesting content. Made me think a lot about myself."

"Make more courses like this mandatory"

"Very good delivery of course; very intensive and thought provoking"

"Continue with the good, informal training method. - it brings out the best in people. "

"Exactly what I expected and needed. Everything was excellent. "

"Content was very relevant to my role. Facilitator was very engaging with group and easy to follow and listen to."

"I really think Facilitator is great - very knowledgeable but also engaging."

"Facilitator listened to feedback and adapted to group dynamics / personalities "

From our May Workshops

"I have a very poor attention span but this course held my attention for every moment! I think what I have learnt will greatly assist my negotiation skills."

"When "actors" were referred to, I was expecting someone with little or no knowledge of the subject matter. Instead the opposite was true - very knowledgeable. "

"Most useful and interesting course I have been on (EVER!)"

"Insights profile very interesting - was really shocked at how well it captured my personality. "

"Keep doing what you are doing ....pace, intervention, and content - all excellent."

"Very helpful and interesting. Thank you hpc - I would recommend you to all dynamic companies in future. "

"Found the facilitator excellent in their delivery and execution of the course content. Really enjoyed it. "

"Excellent programme; informative and easily understood, interesting and interactive. "

"Very impressive facilitator and process/course materials. Course was extremely useful, role-playing valuable. "

"Facilitator was excellent - very amiable and engaging. Content was clear and communicated clearly. "

"Excellent facilitator, certainly walks the walk. Great engagement of whole group."