Humility is no substitute for a good personality – except in a leader

23 February 2016 | Leaders and Leadership

Paraphrasing Fran Lebowitz in our title - we have been thinking about authenticity in leadership and what that means.

We enjoyed this article from HBR which clearly illustrates the relationship between self awareness and leadership ability. While self awareness is generally a good thing, this meta analysis found that a correlation between self under-rating in a leader, and the positive assessment of their competencies by their teams. Why? Perhaps because such under rating reflects an ambition to do better, high personal standards – and simple humility, which is always attractive. Conversely a sense of superiority is rarely inspirational.

An effective 360 process can help to illuminate how an individual’s peers rate them. And if the difference is a positive one, it can be highly rewarding and affirming for all parties.

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