Re-imagining Performance Management

9 June 2015 | Feedback high performance culture

This is a terrific article from Harvard Business Review in which author Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall of Deloitte share their case study of a re-imagined performance management system implemented across Deloitte. To try and reduce the effect of manager subjectivity the whole philosophical approach shifted to one where line managers were asked to consider what they would do with reviewees, rather than simply what they thought of them. This brought a better future focus to the process. More frequent reviews or ‘check ins’ provided their system with a better continuous performance focus. The revised performance review system also reduced the amount of time spent company-wide in calibrating ratings, giving an efficiency focus. Read more here

hpc has been working with organisations in shaking up & improving their performance review systems in a similar way in recent years. It’s generated lots of insights for us, not least the impact on productivity through more engaged, and motivated employees, benefiting from more frequent feedback and encouragement. We’ve written more about it here

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