Leaders and Leadership

  • Prioritise ‘til it hurts

    13 March 2018 | Leaders and Leadership

    Congratulations! You've made it to the C-Suite. But how do you make it home in time for dinner?

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  • Let’s get past no

    18 April 2016 | high performance culture Leaders and Leadership

    As talks resume today on the formation of an Irish Government, we ask, what might help both sides get past the 50+ day stalemate? The burden of history, electoral commitments, and even long term interests weigh heavy on these talks. But perhaps a quick review of the fundamentals of effective negotiation might help?

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  • Humility is no substitute for a good personality – except in a leader

    23 February 2016 | Leaders and Leadership

    Paraphrasing Fran Lebowitz in our title - we have been thinking about authenticity in leadership and what that means. The correlation between self awareness, specifically self underrating and effective leadership has been established. We consider why. Why do we prefer humble leaders? It's likely to be because that humility reflects an ambition to do better, high personal standards, and also the absence of arrogance. A 360 review can help improve self awareness without compromising that sense of humility which inspires. We draw on a recent article from HBR by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman whose meta analysis uncovered data to support this thesis.

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  • The ‘no clue’ gene, its hazards – and its benefits.

    1 February 2016 | Feedback high performance culture Leaders and Leadership

    The “no clue” gene is something that all of us possess to some extent. By this we mean either an inflated, or an under-rated estimation of our own abilities, competencies and emotional intelligence. While presenting obvious challenges to progress, there are aspects of this distortion of sense of self which are actually, and entertainingly positive. There are at least three reasons that some people have distorted views of their strengths and development areas.

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  • Natural Born Leaders

    3 November 2015 | Leaders and Leadership

    We’ve been thinking recently about leadership. In any group, it’s often the most assertive, confident speaker who will assume the leadership title. However recent research suggests that these individuals, while natural born orators, frequently do not retain the leadership position. So is leadership about being assertive, or just being yourself?

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